Office of Paul Dibble MD and      Yelina Brito Elizardez PA-C

We are a family medicine clinic, but we are a little different.


Unlike most clinics which focus on insurance requirements, we focus on you!


We don't take insurance nor accept government payments; our patients simply pay us directly (we are a direct-pay clinic).  We think this arrangement is simpler, cheaper, and better. 


What's more, we respect the autonomy of our patients, and we don't believe in mandated medical treatments.


We are accepting new patients.

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We are delighted to have Yelina Brito Elizardez PA-C joining us.  Her schedule is now available to schedule appointments.


She can see most acute and chronic issues, as well as well-child checks, and adult wellness visits.


Read more about Yelina.


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We can treat just about anything you can think of.  We see infants, children, and adults

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What is so special about our clinic?


  • We do not participate with any health insurance (medical insurance) or government program.  We are a no-insurance medical clinic, which allows us to focus on what is best for you, not what insurance administrators think is best.  (If you have insurance you can still come see us. Find out more.)  


  • We are a direct-pay practice.  That means you pay us directly at the time of service--just like you pay for most things you buy.  There is no complicated reimbursement or confusing pricing.  See our listing of fees.  You'll find our prices very good, and we have great prices on labs too.  We happen to think medical care can be affordable.


  • We are an independent practice.  We are not owned or controlled by a hospital system or large medical group.  We are a private, independent practice.  This independence allows us the freedom to provide the kind of medical care that is best for our patients, not what some corporate authority requires.


  • We don't rush appointments.  Our appointment times are longer than they are in most clinics.  Having sufficient time for a thorough evaluation and discussion is critical to providing good medical care.


*Direct-pay is sometimes also referred to as cash-only, private-pay, third-party-free, direct care, or direct primary care.  We are not a retainer, membership, concierge, or boutique type of practice.  Those who pay directly for their own medical care are often referred to as self-pay or self-insured.


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