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Below are the answers to some common questions.  For other questions, contact us by phone at:  281-259-7400 or via email at:


What is direct-pay?  Direct-pay means we bill you directly and you pay us directly--the same way you would buy groceries, clothing, or most things.   In contrast, most medical practices today bill a third-party (usually an insurance company) who then pays your bill.  You pay the third party by paying premiums.  The result is usually higher cost of medical care.  Sometimes direct-pay is also called "cash-only," but we accept cash, check, and credit cards.


This sounds like a great practice, but I have health insurance.  Can I be seen?  Yes, we can see anyone with insurance.  You still pay us directly.  We will give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance company if you desire.  Outside lab tests, X-rays, and referrals would still be covered by insurance as they normally would be.


What about Medicare?  We can see those with Medicare on a private-pay (self-pay) basis.  We do NOT participate with Medicare, so our services will not be reimbursed by Medicare.  Find out more here.  Services we order outside of our facility (like CT scans, for example) are still covered the way they normally would be.


What about Medicaid?  We can see those with Medicaid on a private-pay (self-pay) basis. We do not submit claims to Medicaid; patients with Medicaid pay us directly at the time of service and cannot be reimbursed from Medicaid.  Due to government rules, outside lab test, Xrays, and referrals may not be covered if not ordered by a Medicaid-enrolled provider.   See required Medicaid private-pay agreement


What about high-deductible (HSA) health insurance?  Those with high-deductible insurance are welcome here.  Since all expenses up to the deductible must be paid out-of-pocket, finding the best value is very important.  We think you will find the best value at Simple Traditions Family Health.


What is your view of vaccines?  Many people are looking for a "vaccine-friendly doctor" or an "anti-vaccine friendly doctor."  While we generally recommend vaccines that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we recognize there are many reasons some choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children.  Some choose partial vaccination.  We do not turn away anyone because they choose not to get vaccinations, nor do we try to force people to get vaccines.  We oppose mandatory vaccination.  If you have questions about particular vaccines, we would be happy to discuss the risks and benefits with you.

See more about vaccines we offer


Do you prescribe bio-identical hormones?  Many women prefer bio-identical estradiol and progesterone when they need treatment with hormones.  We prescribe either synthetic or bio-identical hormones based on the needs and preference of the individual patient.


Do you prescribe Nature-throid, Armour thyroid, NP thyroid, or compounded thyroid medication?  We commonly manage hypothyroidism (low thyroid) in our clinic.  There are various options for treating this condition including the medications mentioned above.  We prescribe Nature-throid, Armour thyroid, NP thyroid, levothyroxine (T4 only), liothyronine (T3 only), or even compounded thyroid medication, depending on the needs and preferences of the individual patient.


I'd like a chance to meet the doctor and see the office before deciding to come there.  Can I do that?  Yes.  We offer free, initial visits to new patients who want to check us out before making a decision.  As long as we are not diagnosing or treating a medical problem, there is no charge.  If you don't want a visit like this, you can always ask us questions by phone or email.


Do you perform DOT (truck driver) physicals?  No.  The federal government has increased the regulations on this type of physical such that we have decided not to perform DOT physicals.  This type of physical can generally be done through occupational health clinics.


What is family medicine?  Family medicine is a holistic medical specialty that focuses on treating the entire person, not just a disease.  Family physicians are able to evaluate and treat most acute illnesses and injuries and most chronic conditions.  They see children and adults. (Family medicine used to be called family practice.)  See more information about the specialty of family medicine.

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