Do you want to find a good doctor for your child?  We provide pediatric care here at Simple Traditions Family Health.  We see kids of all ages--from brand-new newborns to adolescents.  We do well-child physicals (and sports physicals), and we treat most childhood illnesses and injuries.  If specialty evaluation or therapy is required, we can help arrange that.


What is the difference between a pediatrician and a family physician?  While pediatricians see only children, family physicians see people of all ages--children and adults.  Childhood is part of the whole continuum of life, and family physicians can provide care throughout childhood and through the transition into adulthood.  Family physicians often see the rest of the family also, which allows them to best understand a child's particular needs. 


Family physicians get extensive training in pediatrics--both in managing illnesses and injuries as well as in recognizing problems of development.

Well-child checks in the first year of life


We recommend newborns be seen within the first week of life (sooner if there are any problems).  At this first visit, we do a comprehensive exam and perform the second newborn screening (heel poke).  Since the first year of life is the most critical for growth and development, we also recommend other follow-up visits in that first year--typically at 2 months, 6 months, and a 12 months.

(By the way, the health of the mother is very much related to the health of the baby, so it is something we ask about in these early visits.)


Well-child checks for children older than 1 year


After the first year of life, we usually recommend annual visits (once a year).  Children with chronic conditions must be seen annually.


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