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Simple Traditions Family Health is a direct-pay, family medicine clinic located in Magnolia, Texas (Montgomery County) providing affordable, primary medical care to people of all ages--infants, children, and adults.  We can treat most medical problems, including urgent care issues, chronic conditions, and acute illnesses and injuries. 


Our medical clinic serves the communities of Tomball, Magnolia, The Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, Plantersville, Hockley, Waller, and surrounding areas.  


Our History

Dr. Paul Dibble started this clinic in 2011 in an effort to regain some of the good things that have been lost in medical care.  Since then, we have grown tremendously and have a loyal group of patients.  We think we have been successful in our mission to restore some good things to medical care.


We started with one part-time medical assistant and were in a small office space in Magnolia next to the railroad tracks.  Our building shook every time the train went by--which is frequent!  That was the year of the forest fires too.


Within a couple of years, we outgrew our space, so we moved just around the corner to a bigger office on FM 1488.  That space served us well for a few years.


In 2017, we outgrew our space again and moved to our current location in the Magnolia Health and Wellness center in South Magnolia Boulevard (which is FM 1774).


We have had different clinicians work in our clinic over the years, and in 2022, Shelbie Carr, a physician assistant, joined our practice.

Why Direct-Pay?

Wonderful advances in technology and medical knowledge have improved medical care, but there are some things that have changed for the worse.   Medical care has become so entangled with insurance and government involvement that it is no longer focused on the patient.   Administrators often have more influence on health care decisions than doctors and patients, and government now controls over fifty percent of health care spending.  Medical care is more expensive than it needs to be, and prices are kept secret.  Patients are often rushed through appointments and are treated as parts of population groups instead of as individuals.


When physicians agree to accept payments from health insurers or from government programs, they must also agree to many other rules and restrictions--many of which make it hard to provide good care.  Complicated rules require more expenses and restrict a doctor's decisions.  Ironically, having health insurance often results in more expensive and worse quality care. 


We think that the doctor and patient should decide on the best treatment.  We think medical care can be affordable if doctors and patients deal directly with each other.  We think doctors should spend enough time with their patients to be thorough.  Things used to be this way; some things shouldn't change.


By being direct-pay (we don't take insurance and patients pay us directly) we can avoid the exceedingly complex billing rules and most of the other nonsensical rules that plague the current medical system.  We can avoid artificial price inflation that is also typical in this system.  We can instead focus on what is best for our patients.


If you have health insurance, you can still come to see us.  Find out more

Why Patients Like Us

Many of our patients have insurance but come here anyway.  Many come long distances to see us.  There are several large medical facilities in our area with advertising expenses bigger than our entire budget.  And yet we continue to grow.  Why do patients come to see us?  Here are some of the reasons:

  • We run on time
  • We don't rush appointments; appointment times are longer than in most clinics
  • We have affordable and understandable pricing
  • We respect patient autonomy and don't try to force treatment
  • We focus on the individual best interests of our patients.  We don't treat our patients as parts of population groups, nor do we blindly follow protocols and guidelines



Schedule your appointment now: https://www.stfhealth.com/online-scheduling/

or call: 281-259-7400


If you are a new patient and have not previously registered with our clinic, please go to New Patient Registration first to register.  We will then call you to schedule your appointment.



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While we focus on physical health here at our practice, physical health cannot truly be separated from spiritual health.  We see people of all faiths, backgrounds, and lifestyles without discrimination, but we know that spiritual healing comes only by salvation through Jesus Christ.


Want to find out more?  To start, consider reading the book of Romans in the Holy Bible.  It provides a good overview of our sinful condition and need for a Savior.  And best of all, it also gives the remedy.

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